Cinnamon roll

Ingredients for 1 backing sheet:

350g whole-grain spelt flour

200 ml cereal milk 
100g cane sugar
30g margarine
1 package yest
1 pinch of salt

Ingredients filling:
180g almond butter
120g sugar
3 tbs cinnamon
30g margarine

Powdered sugar


Crumble the flour in a mixing bowl, add yeast, sugar, salt, margarine and milk. If margarine and milk are lukewarm, they will help the dough to raise. Work into a dough and let it raise for 45 minutes covered with a cloth.

Roll the dough to a rectangle on a floured worktop.

Mix the filling ingredients in a mixing bowl until it is smooth and spread the filling on the dough. Roll the dough from the back to the front and slice it. Each slice should have a size of 3 cm. Put the slices on a backing sheet and bake them at 180°C for 20 minutes.




Mix powdered sugar and water to icing.

When the cinnamon rolls have cooled slightly sprinkle them with the icing.

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