Homemade Iced Coffee

Next to ice cream, iced coffee is my passion during the summer.

Iced coffee

Basically I don't depend on coffeebut starting the day with coffee or having some Chai Latte during the day sounds perfect to me. 
Regrettably my delight for coffee has gone down because of the temperature and I am no fan of istant iced coffee powder.


What has to be done to bring cozy coffee atmosphere to hot summer temperatures?   

Brew coffee, pour it into ice cube trays and freeze it to ice. If you freeze it in the evening, you will be able to start the following day with iced coffee. 

As soon as the coffee is frozen, take the ice cubes out of the ice cube trays, put them into a glass and pour on your favourite cereal milk to cover the coffee cubes. 
By and by the coffee is going to melt and mixes with milk.

Eiskaffee mit Mandelmilch, vegan

Add some cinnamon if you like it spicy and your iced coffee is going to be more exotic.     


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