Chanterelle season is coming

End of summer also means mushrooms are placed in the supermarkets again! 

Let me inspire you with the following recipe.


Pfifferlinge in der Pfanne

Ingredients for 2 persons:

400g potatoes (about 5-6 potatoes)


1 tbs oil

200g tofu

1bunch of spring onions 

250g Chanterelle

Salt, pepper and nutmeg powder


200 ml soy cream


some parsley or chive




Heat water in a pot and cook potatoes with skin for 30 minutes.

Meanwhile heat oil in a pan, cut tofu into cubes and sear. 

Clean chanterelles and spring onions. Slice up the spring onions and add them to the tofu.

As soon as the tofu is cross and the spring onions are glazed, add the chanterelles.

Spice with salt, pepper and a pinch of nutmeg and stir in soy cream.


Pfifferlinge vegan

Peel potatoes and slice parsley or chive.


Serve potatoes with chanterelles sauce and decorate with parsley.



Tip: If you want to avoid extra calories, it will be possible to use 100ml soy cream and 100ml cereal milk instead of 200ml soy cream.


Take care,


Pfifferlinge gehen auch pur

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