Banana bread

Not only Australians love banana bread, me too =)

Banana bread is a great alternative next to cake and cookies, especially if you need something sweet.

Enjoy my favorite recipe.


Bananenbrot vegan backen




3 bananas, ripe

400g wholegrain flour

50g ground hazelnuts

120g raw cane sugar

2 TL backing powder

120 ml soy milk

1 TL vanilla sugar





Heat oven to 150°C.

Peel bananas and mash with a fork.

Take a mixing bowl and knead all together to a smooth dough.

Grease the cake tin and pour in the dough.

Bake your bread for 50 minutes at 150°C.




You don't need anything else for your banana bread. 

If you like some spread, I will recommend some sweet sandwich spread, like marmalade.


Enjoy it,



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