The power of dates

The sweetness of dates is perfect for a natural taste in cookies, ice-cream or smoothies.


The contained potassium protects heart and blood vessels, digestion is supported and they are a perfect snack for new energy.


Enjoy my recipe for a gluten-free breakfast.

Ingreditens for 2 servings:

100g millet

150ml water

150ml almond milk

6 dates

1 small apple

2 tbs chia seeds

10g almond flakes




Rinse millet with water and cook on a low heat with water for 15 minutes.

Stone and slice dates into rings, cut the apple into small cubes.

After cooking, swell millet without heat for another 10 minutes and add dates and apple pieces.

Add chia seeds for the last 3 minutes.



Fill two bowls with the millet-mix and sprinkle over the almond flakes. 


If you like, add spices like cinnamon and fruits like raisins or goji berries or replace chia seeds by poppy seeds.

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