CouCou clean eating

Between Bundestag and Friedrichstrasse you can find a cozy restaurant for clean eating - CouCou.

They offer breakfast bowls, smoothies, energy balls and homemade cake made out of high-quality ingredients.

The team often creates new dishes, always healthy, fresh and delicious.

Especially at noon many employees are coming from nearby offices to enjoy lunch.

They choose CouCou to get healthy food to feel satiated not overeaten and to be powerful for the rest of the day.

The weekly changing lunch menu shows the love for oriental food. The dishes are fresh, full of vitamins and made out of good ingredients.


Next to meat, a vegan option is offered every day. Mostly offered with crispy falafel.

Recently the menu has been enlarged with more breakfast options.

They offer banana bread, whole grain sandwiches, smoothie bowls and sugarfree muesli bars.

You get fairtrade coffee and you can choose between cow, soy and almond milk.

There is a reason for everything, nothing comes by accident.


Coucou offers glutenfree, sugarfree and vegan dishes. To make it easy and comfortable for guest with special wishes the ingredients are mentioned clearly.




Come by and try it yourself.


Opening hours:

Monday - Friday: 8:30-17:00


Reinhardtstr. 37

10117 Berlin 



There is a partner restaurant close to CouCou. Read more about it and click here.




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