Hot coconut and banana dessert

On our trip to Southeast Asia we met an incredible good dessert: Hot coconut milk with banana.

The taste is fruity and sweet.

Unfortunately we discovered the sweet dish at the end of our trip. Too late ;)

But from that moment on we ordered the dish whenever possible.


Of course, I gave everything to cook the sweet meal at home too. 

And here comes the recipe for you too.


Ingredients for 2 servings:

2 bananas, as ripe as possible

400ml coconut milk - I love the low fat type (canned)

2 EL sugar

1 pinch of salt





Peel the bananas and cut them into stripes of 1 cm.


Heat the coconut milk in a pot and let it boil up briefly. Add sugar and salt, then let it cool.


After 10 minutes take the banana stripes and pour over with milk.












Hot coconut milk with banana is a traditional dessert in Thailand.


But I also love it for a sweet breakfast.

I just add 4 tablespoons oats and 1 tablespoon linseeds, to feel full for longer.



Of course you can also remove the sugar, because ripe bananas already have a lot sweetness. For breakfast I often remove the sugar, but I prefer the sugar in the dessert.




Have fun trying out the recipe and good appetite.

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