Sabzi Oriental Food

Oriental food, clean eating, traditional or vegan. 

Above all Sabzi is known for fresh ingredients and exotic spices. Small glasses with different spices at the table give you the opportunity to adapt the severity level individually.

The daily changing menu offers a big variety and surprise.
Chairs and tables in front of the restaurant provide a warm and welcoming setting for its guests.
Standing at one of the tables inside the lunch restaurant helps you to feed your body with good food.
Like coming home for a homemade dish.
The walls are painted with handmade mandalas, creating a cozy atmosphere.
You won't go to Sabzi to spend many hours, but most of us don't even have so much time for lunch during the week. If you have you might also be interested to visit the sister restaurant CouCou around the corner.
You can read more about CouCou here.
Luisenstr. 15
10117 Berlin
Opening hours:
Montag - Freitag 11:30 - 16:00

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